Account Features

About Your Account:

The following is a description of the basic “full-account” package (if you only signed up for limited features, not all of the following description will apply to you). Your account, based on the username you selected, consists of the following features:

  • Personal webspace of 20MB (although we don’t really enforce this)  -- created as a subdomain of the MyWeb20 site (URL access is
  • FTP access to your webspace (if you don’t know what FTP is… don’t worry, you don’t need it unless you are building and publishing your website yourself)
  • Personal email account (5MB limit) – POP3 accounts (means you can use your regular email client, like Outlook Express, to access your account) plus full featured WebMail interface (means you can access your account from any computer anytime) -- email address is
    NOTE: We do have SPAMINATOR software installed on the server – for details regarding accessing your spam mailbox, see the “MyWeb20 Member:  Important Update!” email
  • Up to 3 email aliases for your email address (gives you more email addresses to use, but it is all one single email account) – let me know if you are interested, or ask me for more details.
  • NOTE: The username you choose will be part of your website address (URL) as well as part of your email address -- Keep this in mind when selecting your username.

In addition to the above features, specific applications and “website elements” are included with your account and are setup and configured “ready-to-use” to provide you with an instant online website. You are of course free to design your own website and replace any of the standard web pages and forms etc, or you can tell us what you would like and we’ll build it for you. The “startup” website consists of the following:

  • Basic Home Page (welcomes visitors to your site and provides links to the various areas of your site)
  • Tell-A-Friend script (different from the link in the photo gallery) – sends a link to your website home page
  • Guestbook for visitors to sign – setup and ready to use
  • Contact Form for visitors to use to contact you about your site – configured to send the email to your new myweb20 email address
  • Photo Gallery (the real focus of the member sites) – set up ready for you to start creating albums and adding pictures.
    • All album & photo pages have “Tell-A-Friend” links on them – this script is different from the one on your home page – this script actually sends the specific URL (for whichever photo or album you are wanting someone to look at) as opposed to just the “starting point” of the website.
    • Also, when you are logged in to the gallery, you will see an additional button in the bottom, right corner of the album pages called Invite. This script is similar to the Tell-A-Friend script in that it sends the URL of the specific album you are in, but the primary difference is that you can use it to email more than one recipient at a time – It is ideal for notifying people when you have added a new album to the gallery. You are the only person who can see this button, and only when you are logged in.
    • All features can be customized for any/all individual albums by you when you create them, but in general the default features provides a slideshow feature, resizing of the images when you upload them so visitors on low-bandwidth access can still view your photos, ability for guests to comment on your photos, areas for you to add descriptions etc., and a whole host of other features.
  • Use of various themes for different members, but with an attempt to use a single overall theme/style throughout all areas of your site to give it a more uniform appearance to visitors.  Remember, the initial design/appearance is just one of many variations that I put together without having any input from you, the site owner! Anyone who wishes to customize their own site is free to do so, or for those who would rather have us do the site design for you, as soon as you give us your input on style, content or other customizations for the site, we will be happy to build a customized site for you.