Welcome Page

The Why:

For a while now we (Corrinne and Eric) have been experimenting with various concepts of how to implement an idea she had of providing a place on the net to build a community for and of our family and friends. A place where we could share photos, pictures, and more, with each other easily, to bridge the distances and help us to stay close.

Corrinne came up with this very cool concept of taking advantage our ability to create a network of small web sites, tied together by a common name that is easy to remember, give each member a unique address allowing us to share with whomever we want, while focused towards removing the barriers and hassles that were making it hard up till now. No more ads, long confusing web addresses, or (we hope) frustrations caused by confusing and difficult viewing of photo galleries, and especially simplifying the process of creating and uploading photos into them.

By now, you all probably know the we are working towards supporting ourselves by putting years of computer experience to work for ourselves, instead of some faceless corporation by doing web design. We thought, well why not also put some of our new skills into something for the people who matter most to us at the same time.

The What:

We want to be your web host. We figure if we make it possible for all of you to have your own web site that had been set up with a simple gallery application installed, provided some clearly written simple to follow instructions in a central location, and set things up so that if you are reading this you already know enough to create albums, and add your pictures, that you will.  The best part is that it is also very flexible, so that those who have the desire and skills can personalize your space.

Each member picks their own username and password, which makes it easier for you to remember it. Your username is part of your web address making it easy to remember, and give out. You will also get an email address with the same simple address, which should also make it easier for us to stay in touch.

See For Yourself:

To find out more of what it is all about, and what exactly is included in one of the MyWeb20 accounts, you can visit the original demo site to see a very basic and generic installation. Users can also customize their site to whatever extent they wish to.  Choices for new sites run the range starting with the basic default site all the way up to completely unique personalized and customized sites.

To see what some of the possibilities are and view some of the existing site variations, we encourage you to visit some of our current users’ sites. You will find a list of the current users’ sites, complete with links to their sites, in the Directory of User Sites category in our links directory.

Additional Information:

Want more details about what the account includes? Please Read This for detailed descriptions of all the features offered with one of our accounts.

If you still have questions, or would like more information about a MyWeb20 account, please send an email to administrator@myweb20.com.

Need help with an existing account?  For assistance with your existing account, you can contact us by sending an email to support@myweb20.com.  Or for immediate assistance, use our LiveHelp system to leave us a message (we are notified immediately of all messages left through the LiveHelp system).

Ready to sign up?  Complete This Form to get your site now.